The Lunatics

For almost 15 years theatre group The Lunatics is one of the bigger Dutch groups and specializes in making raw non-verbal street- and location theatre with poetical, powerful images, mainly using large objects and extraordinary light- and sound effects.
The group realises illustrative theatre on odd locations wherein nothing is what it seems. Nature, social issues and human emotions are sources of inspiration. Realistic situations are connected with inexplicable, logic with mystery. The spectators have to make up their own story by using their imagination. And if this imagination will gain the reality then maybe this reality will make the world more exiting, promising and richer.
Often water, fire, earth and air are important sources of inspiration as well: Sandman (1999), Mare (war about water -2000), Mare Tranquillitatis (the lost sea– 2001/2002), Black Moon (the Tsunami – 2005), Sputnik (the drive to fly– 2005/2006), Lunagua (the struggle between water and sand– 2006).  The group is known for their powerful performances, played on festivals in and far outside Europe as well, by a minimum of actors who make remarkable impression. The humour and non-verbal form makes it easy to reach new public wherever they go. So it isn’t a surprise that, since 2005, the Lunatics are supported by the Dutch Government.