Medienproduktion Kultur&Art Initiative

Kultur & Art Initiative is responsible for the media production of the project fascination Mythos


The Documentation demands from a group international teenager called the “Documentation-team”, they document the whole Documentation.
(Open Air-Production - archaic poetical Production – the international Parade Orbiters, - the Inszenierung Territoria XL am Hangar 21 in Detmold)


The Kultur & Art Initiative is going to arrange a film – workshop for teenagers from the 17th- 29th of July. The international Initiative is going to conceive and arrange in this year 2009, the “Fascination Mythos; Performance, Theater, Workshops. Together with the teenagers from Europe we will build short films for the theme Mythos. With 100 Turkish Participants are we special Partner organization with Turkey. 


The Trailer will be produced by young filmmakers from Kultur & Art Initiative. The idea of this Storyboard from the Trailer, which indicates the idea, emerged from artist who worked together from Netherlands, Turkey, England, and Germany.
The results of Fascination Mythos, should work and present for the artist groups, theLunatics, Shademakers and the Kultur & Art initiative.
The Kultur & Art- team is made from autonomous Filmmakers, Media designers, Media directors of the Academia OWL, youth who are interested in media from the Swiss musician.
The film project was enabled by the Kultur Team of the city Detmold, which is working with different kind of groups for many years, which is although is the beginning of cooperation between the performers and the media artists.
This was twiddled on 21. - 22. of April on a spectacular night forming at  Hermannsdenkmal. The Trailer is going to be online after the last treatment.

Create your own Myth!!

Fascination mythos has started for three years; the idea was to subtend the people about the Hermann jubilee, this was made with the work of international artists. The first international production of this collective has been established on the last street drama festival 2008.
In the near future they will be the second part of the innovative implementation shown.

Further gorgeous events will continue.

It is time for something new!!

Create your own Myth.