Workshops Streetdance / Tanz OWL

These emsembles conduct Workshops with differing emphasis, knowledge and experience.

Thur. 22. July 2009 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 Hrs
Fri. 23. July 2009 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 Hrs

Roots & Routes (Cologne/DE)
In a Non-Profit-Project development, the Cologne Organisation seek talented youth with differing backgrounds and roots and therfore allowing possibilities for Apprenticeships and various vocational training. In an energetic show the dancers present their projects.

MD Company (Martinique/FR)
A renowned Dance ensemble from the Hip-Hop scene, founded in 1996, that unites the dancing energy from the classical skills of a choreographer with the dynamics and energy from Hip-Hop.

Got Skills (Rotterdam/NL)
Got Skills, name themselves as‚ "urban dance society" and support the proffesional dancing in the area of ‘Urban Dance’ and ‘Street Dance’, that have their roots in classical dance. Their Performance ‚True Identity’ mirrors the image of the search for an identity between dancing and an entertainment spectacle.

Ballet Entredanzas (Murcia/SP)
The Spanish Ballet Company "Entredanzas" developes the modern Flamenco especially for performances in public places and unites their choreographed classical ballet with the tradition of Spanish flamenco and modern dance.

All the ensembles (except, Ballet Entredanzas, modern Flamenco and Capliore, Double Dutch) conduct the Workshops in the areas of Streetdance, Breakdance, Modern Dance with differing emphasis. The Workshops are open for all i.e. beginners, juniors and advanced. The aim is not to partake in the parade, what is achieved in the Workshops can be presented on the Performance area of the Ameide.

Further information and registration:

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