The Lunatics: Territoria XL

Three different locations, 15 actors, 7 technicians, secret cowards and heroes, dancing demons and dying angels, spectacular motorcycles, one fabulous pink Cadillac, fire-explosions, rain storms, revolutionary mass-scenes, poetical dance solos, burning flags, long forgotten folksongs, borderlines and conflicts, hate and unity, lies and laughter, sacrifice and fear, war, suicide and surrender. In a 2,5 hour experience theatre group The Lunatics take you on an adventurous trip to a strange world which sometimes has a shocking resemblance with our own.
In Territoria XL The Lunatics (NL) thankfully draw from the experience of carnival art group Shademakers (GB/D). What happens if different groups try to find a common cultural identity? How are you as an individual involved in this process of unification? Who starts the first fire? Who throws the first stone? Which man or woman is willing to sacrifice his own past? Forget about 2000 year old warriors. Wanted: New Heroes!

Territoria XL is a theatrical and mythical attempt to start a process of unification between 1500 people on more then 10.000 square meters of playground close to Hangar 21. Can we find unity in all this diversity?

For 15 years now, Dutch theatre group The Lunatics specializes in making raw non-verbal street- and location theatre with poetical, powerful images, mainly using exiting objects and extraordinary special effects. The group realizes illustrative theatre on odd locations all over the world. From soggy Dutch marshland to sweltering jungles in Mexico, from bustling Asian cities to barren desserts in South-America. Nature, social issues and human emotions are sources of inspiration. Realistic situations are connected with inexplicable, logic with mystery. In the end the spectators leave the location with the feeling that they were not just witnesses, but participants of an adventure. Territoria XL is the biggest ‘show’ in the history of  The Lunatics.

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Advance Sale "Territoria XL"

Tickets for Territoria XL now available (10,00 €, reduced 5,00 €). They are available at the office of Lippische Landes-Zeitung, Tourist Information Lippe & Detmold,

Ticket Hotline: 0180 5006285

The theatre is not suitable for children less then 10 years!
Sturdy shoes and wind-,weather-proof clothing is recommended!

Shuttle busses for the Premiere of Territoria XL, Sunday 26th of July: Departure Doktorweg
Bus 1  19:15  19:40
Bus 2  19:20  19:45
Return 23:00
Ticket: 1,90€