Stage agenda for the Sommerbühne in Rosental

24. Juli 2009


Opening ceremony


Paraiso School of Samba (London/GB) –  real rio samba from London. The
Paraiso School of Samba orientate themselves in the Traditional basis of the Brasilian Carnival.


MacCumba (Glasgow/GB) - Scottish Pipes & Brasilian Rumba
The eight musicians in MacCumba present a unique mix of traditional Scottish bagpipe sound and energy charged Brasilian percussion. The group was founded and started out as the Batucda-Drum-Group, in the early 90`s at the Glasgow School of Art, the ensemble was formed utilising varying instruments (Flute, Guitar, Bass, Vocals). After being requested to perform at the Scottish Football final they came together and formed both the Batucada-Rhythm together with the bagpipe sound and MacCumba was formed.
„MacCumba, a beast apart from any other Scots roots/ethnic band, and a wonderful one at that.”


Socalled (Kanada) – klezmer vibes & funky beats
Socalled is a musician, Photographer, Magician und Artist.  Josh Dolgin was born in the Canadian town of  Chelsea, and he now lives in Montreal. He is one of the most innovative musicians in America . As a child he loved musicals and sketched cartoons for a newspaper in Ottowa. He latterly  became an excellent accordian player and played in different bands playing  Salsa, Gospel, Rock and Funk. With his musical  experiments with HipHop and old musical adaptions, Josh Dolgin as MC Socalled became internationally well known. Samplers and Beatmaschine belong to his musical standard performance with instruments such as accordian, and piano, Socalled is not for soft feelings, a compilation of Funk and Hip-Hop infused with old Jewish Synagog vocals and Folk melodies, in a sympathetic method with a pinch of self irony. During his career MC Socalled has worked together with different musicians such as the rapper Killah Priest, the jewish music stars Frank London and David Krakauer, the legendary Calypso-Interpreter Mighty Sparrow and the Violin player of the  London Band Oi Va Voi,  Sophie Solomon.
At last Socalled is now on tour here in Germany with his band together with the phenominal singer Katie Moore.


Peyoti For President
The British musician Pietro DiMascio performs collective political underlying messages with world class beat music, haven’t you heard something similar? Of course, Manu Chao is the most famous performer in this area; Peyoti For President was personally asked by Manu Chao to perform as support band on his UK-Tour in 2007.
Tom Robinson, presenter of a music show on  BBC6, described the band as “ not so much a pop group…more an attitude…more a way of life…more a way of thinking”. With this comment he described exactly the style of this band. Peyti For President critisises our modern world , however they are simultaneously a „Feel-Good-Band“, whose performances regularly bring the audience new inspirations.

25. Juli 2009


Chupacabras (D)    
Chupacabras (in German ‚”Goat licker”) is a Latin-American Fable character. The seven musicians of this group live in Cologne,Germany however they all originate from various countries around the world, Mexiko, Peru, Spain, Poland and the area of  the Sauerland in Germany. Each one of them brings his personal musical influence to the band who have a special place of honour in the Cologne Mestizo-Scene. The musical effect is a temperamental full sound  with a mixture of  Flamenco, Reggae, Maraichi und Reggae. Dancehall titles change regularly into Rap-Rock, Cumbia und Salsa, integrating with jazzy piano phases and swinging bass tones.
Their wide Repertoire with Complex Arrangements gives the band a totally energy charged presentation on the stage.


Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar (SRB/D/A/SLO)   
Shantel – alias Stefan Hantel – was a well known Electronic-DJ, in the 90`s he began to mix different exotic beats and using Brass-Madness, Roma-Ballads und Balkan dance he began to activate amazing atmosphere on the dancefloor.
To date Shantel has collected a troop of eastern burlesk musicians together, and utilising Polka,  Punk and Beat you are taken on a musical tour across into the Bucovina. Bucovina is not only a graphical place, it is synomical for the gathering of all possible styles and nationalities.
Utilising his experience as a DJ, he brings traditional sounds into a unique style, that integrates the folk music and life styles of various large cities in middle Europe. The Bucovina-Partys, that took place in 2002 in the foyer of the Frankfurter Schauspielhauses began with this new feeling musical style, Since the formation of the Bucovina Club, he has achieved great success. There are hits from Fanfare Ciorcalia to Bregovic, from Russia to Israel, the Frankfurter “Balkan-Prince” entertains with Dub und House music.
Concerts are not in sterile concert halls, but in Clubs or at Partys, and other venues. The energy and atmosphere is strongly felt within the Bucovina Club, when people who do not know each other get together and experience this dance rhythm and try the Pogo and Belly-Dance.
Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar bring a change to each venue , they occupy an extratorestrial domain and accomplish a euphoric occasion that brings every age group and nationality together.

26. Juli 2009


Laura Lopez Castro & Don Philippe (Deutschland/Spanien)
The best form of seduction is supposedly that, that uses the least amount of gesture. The music from Laura Lopez Castro interprets this theme. It revolves around songs, that produce a smile or a seductive eye gesture. Its not about stormy raging  songs, but about magical moments, when a slight breeze occurs .
The first formation and meeting happened in  2003 in Stuttgart, where the singer Laura Lopez Castro and the Guitar player, Composer und Producer Don Philippe (founder of the Hip-Hop-Formation Freundeskreis) met and exchanged interests and musical ideas.
Guitar and vocals – with this Line up Laura Lopez Castro and Don Philippe came on stage together and were accompanied by contrabass and cello, utilising these few instruments with minimum musical complexity, a high harmonic quality was achieved.
Laura Lopez Castro and Don Philippe not only found their luck in this direction, but also a music full of of phrases and timeless songs. They interpret old Bossa-Nova classics, that via their own composing compliment the sound with elements of jazz, oriental and classical music.