Fascination Myth

“Fascination Myth”

„Orbiters International Parade“ &  „Territoria XL“ Location Theatre in Detmold

A co-production of Shademakers (D/GB) with The Lunatics (NL)
and Kulturfabrik Hangar 21, commissioned by the City of Detmold (D)

When the City of Detmold ticks in an international spirit, when there is magic in the air, that’s the time of the “Orbiters” and the actors of “Territoria XL”. The artistic crossover project from Shademakers (D/GB) and The Lunatics (NL) is a world premiere which will inspire and fascinate those present in Detmold at the end of July.

The artist group Shademakers design and build large scale kinetic constructions and have received numerous prizes and awards at festivals and competitions world wide.
The Lunatics, one of the bigger Location Theatre Groups of the Netherlands, produce archaic, poetic presentations from Peru to Korea. They belong to the few performance groups who use minimalistic, non verbal elements to transform ordinary places into the most unusual performance venues.

The opening of the stage programme will start on Friday the 24th of July at 6 p.m. in Detmold Rosental and will last until Sunday evening. The KulturTeam der Stadt Detmold will present diverse international artists, guest groups and young talent from the region.  There will be performers from the field of music, dance, theatre, masquerade and acrobatics.

On Saturday the 25th of July the Orbiters will circulate around Detmold town centre culminating in the grand finale on Detmold Marktplatz.    

Participants range from youth groups and artists organisations from a range of countries including Turkey, England, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Martinique, Trinidad, Ghana, Kenya, Brazil and Japan.
Together with new numerous local groups, already registered, there is a great interest throughout the region and nationally. Inspired by this interest, we expect to see a new pulsating parade, celebrating 2000 years of history and beyond. Participation is essential, and more than welcome.

Territoria XL happens each evening from Sunday the 26th of July until Tuesday the 28th, at 21:30 at Hangar 21, Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10.
It follows an artistic experiment to convince the people that chosen participation is essential to survive the chaos of a controlled planet Earth. The dynamic constellation of love, hate, fear and hope creates the emotional drive of the selection process.
The archaic dreamlike image of the Lunatics meets the voluminous, but at the same time delicate fantasy figures of Shademakers in an upside down inside out world.

Provocative, irritating, weird, magical and charming presentations offer the public a unique cultural experience.  

Orbiters Workshop Programme:
The Orbiters try to find a new way of looking at the world with their particular vision of the future, they are asking questions of modern mythology for heroes of today or the togetherness of modern tribes. Through the creative processes we seek to find belonging to a Europe of tomorrow.
PROCESS: artistic production, experiments, improvisation, practice and rehearsal, laboratory workshops, seminars, discussions and making decisions.
The closing phase of the youth workshop programme will be an international youth meeting which begins on the 17th of July in Detmold.
We also offer an open programme for groups and community organisations taking part in the Orbiters Parade. Preparations and workshops have already been running since October 2007.
Further workshops are available by registration through Shademakers and KulturTeam Detmold.