Creative Photography Workshop

Creative Photography Workshop
M. Cihan Poçan - C. Kerem Çobanlı

14:00 - 18:00 o’clock

This workshop aims to document memorable moments and cultural diversity during both festival preparation phase and main events and performances.

Participants will be considered as they have a basic knowledge about the very basics of photography. In any case, tutors will quickly brief the participants about fundamentals of photography; exposure, aperture, shutter, lens types, etc.
Apart from basic photography lectures, tutors will be sharing some advanced tips & tricks about event and documentary photography such as seeking for proper shooting spots, how to decide reasonable visual compositions instantly, how to deal with technical issues in extreme or low light situations, equipment selections for a particular purpose, special effects such as panning, selective focusing, long exposure, etc.

There will be some practices on field after basic lecture sessions. Workshop participants will periodically perform meetings and share their works in progress to receive feedback from each other to improve their process. In addition to this, participants can feel free to share their ideas to create sub-projects within the workshop. Also initial products of this photography workshop will be use as footage for other workshops within festival.

This workshop will be open for everyone has a SLR or DSLR Camera. DSLR’s are recommended, 35mm and other formats will be acceptable but workshop tutors or lecturers will not be responsible for providing a dark room or developing and printing film mediums. Participants must handle their situation.