Get your own picture


17. - 28.07.2009

This year we are very happy to welcome approximately 100 youths to explore and work on short films.
The basic idea of „GET YOUR OWN PICTURE“ is to connect and motivate young people with an international background to work together towards a defined aim: Go for creating your own movie! We will give you a helping hand and support you and your ideas.

This year, for the 2000th anniversary of the battle in Teutoburg Forest, the young filmmakers can hold on to the history of Germany and Europe for finding ideas for their shortfilms.
But like the years before, the main thing is the impulse and the vision of the youths. Our experience says, that the extraordinary possibility of having various cultures and mentalities with their individual talents and point of views working on one topic, creates a phenomenal output of creativity in all aspects.
A team of specialists is guiding and coaching the young talents throughout workshops. They'll get into the basics of film making and how to express themselves in short films.
After a first meeting and time for socializing, we will start a two-days-workshop in lighting, camera, sound, music and cutting.

This is the first very intensive period of learning about making movies, but also a very important first step to communicate in a professional situation. In a pitching the youths have to introduce their film ideas and form their teams to finally start the exciting work. The participants have the chance to get to know their own strengths and talents, which contribute to the work in the upcoming film teams. As previously mentioned, throughout the entire process of shooting and cutting the movie up to the great moment of presenting it, the coaching team will be around to support wherever it is necessary and useful.
We will also display a professional situation that means there will be a straight time table and schedule to finish the work with a max. 5 minutes short film.
Through the intensive work and for carrying a great amount of responsibility concerning the practical result, „ GET YOUR OWN PICTURE“ reaches another very important level, a multicultural understanding and trust in people with a complete new and foreign background and roots. It has always been a “once in a lifetime impression” for the young people, most of them are between 18-25 years old, to be asked to discover themselves in this challenging and exciting project.
Throughout the entire process of the preliminary work and realization, each person is asked to make notes of his daily work and observations concerning the progress of the project. The participants will produce a DVD with all the films and documentation material. Together with some interviews and a documentary film, it will give us a useful and entertaining portray. This conclusion and reflection serves as a very important resource for future projects. It displays the everlasting motion of a renewing process, and motivates the needed enthusiasm to initiate new upcoming projects!


Individual and educational objectives for participants: expand mental mobility, be part of the shared Europe, learn background information about the historical battle of the Teutoburg Forest, counter xenophobia, arouse enterprise and experience solidarity.
The young people will experience that even if there are different cultures and religions, they still have a lot in common.